More than just a celebration of springtime, Easter is the day that eyewitnesses reported Jesus of Nazareth came back from the dead.  Not as a ghost or a vision, but in a resurrected body after being executed and buried.   If that is true it gives validity to his own claim that he was God, the very claim that led to his execution.  If he overcame death it is convincing proof that he was correct in saying whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life.

There is every reason to believe the testimony recorded by those eyewitnesses is in fact true.  Those witnesses lived in a time without technology or motorized vehicles, in a land occupied by a foreign army.  The political, religious, and military leaders had all the power, all the resources, and a strong deisre to discredit and dispel the witnesses story of resurrection.  Most religions are based on a set of ideas or someone's claim they had a vision or special message.  Some of those may be hard to believe but difficult to disprove.  Christianity is based on the event of Jesus' resurrection, perhaps hard to believe, but easy to disprove.  If that small group of witnesses were not telling the truth about Jesus resurrection, the authorities surely would have found and produced as evidence the dead body, or the body of a badly beaten Jesus who never actually died.  That evidence would have ended Christianity immediately!  But they were not able to do that because He had returned to life from death.  As many as 500 people at one time saw Him, and within days thousands were believing in his resurrection and declaring him their lord and king.  They realized Jesus resurrection from the dead changes everything, and it compels us to change our own beliefs and allegiance today.

All those original witnesses were tortured and went to their death, in most cases death by execution, still declaring they had seen the resurrected Jesus.  No one would do that if their story was not true.  This Easter celebrate by considering that story and its implications for yourself.
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Celebrating the
Easter Story